(Unable To Self Evacuate)


For more information on UTSE Bags please contact Stacie Fagerstone, Unable to Self Evacuate Program Manager, at sfagerstone@wilr.org or by calling 307-266-6956 or 800-735-8322.

A Core Advisory Group has been developed and includes representatives from the following organizations:

Wyoming Independent Living Rehabilitation, Inc. (WILR) http://www.wilr.org

University of Wyoming, Wyoming INstitue for Disabilities (WIND) http://www.uwyo.edu/wind
Wyoming Department of Health (WDH) http://www.health.wyo.gov
Wyoming Office of Homeland Security (WOHS) http://wyohomelandsecurity.state.wy.us/main.aspx                         Wyoming Red Cross http://www.wyomingredcross.org/

The UTSE Bags and Initiative are sponsored by Public Health Division, Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program and Hospital Preparedness Program

redcross.org, http://wyohomelandsecurity.state.wy.us/main.aspx, http://www.ready.gov/

For a list of Wyoming Emergency Management Agencies visit:

For additional UTSE training and to receive 1 POST/CME credit visit:  Online UTSE training